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Haitian-Creole PhD Worksheets

Parent's Homework Dictionary - Haitian-Creole Worksheets

To view or print a worksheet, please click on a link below. New worksheets are added each day, so be sure to check back frequently!

Math Worksheets

Addition 2-digit Regrouping
Addition 3-digit Regrouping
Algebra: Pre-variables
Area - Square/Rectangle
Area - Triangle/Circle
Decimals - Adding
Decimals - Dividing
Decimals - Multiply
Decimals - Subtract
Dividing x 10
Division: How To
Fractions: Add Different Denominator
Fractions: Add Same Denominator
Fractions: Dividing
Fractions: Multiplying
Fractions: Subtract Different Denominator
Fractions:  Subtract Same Denominator
Fractions to Decimals
Fractions to Decimals (hard)
Greater Than, Less Than
Greatest Common Factor
Integers: Add and Subtract
Least Common Multiple
Line Segments
Metric:  Length
Metric: Liquid Volume
Metric: Weight
Multiplication (easy)
Multiplication with zeros
Square and Root
Standard Unit: Liquid Volume
Standard Unit: Weight
Standard Unit: Length
Subtration: 3-digit regrouping
Subtraction: Regrouping (easy)

Make-Your-Own Math Worksheets

Make-Your-Own: Addition 2-digit Regrouping
Make- Your-Own: Addition 3-digit Regrouping
Make- Your-Own: Algebra - Prevariables
Make- Your-Own: Area: Square and Rectangle
Make- Your-Own: Area: Triangle and Circle
Make- Your-Own: Averages
Make- Your-Own: Decimals - Add
Make- Your-Own: Decimals - Divide
Make- Your-Own: Decimals - Multiply
Make- Your-Own: Decimals - Subtract
Make- Your-Own: Decimals - Dividing by 10
Make- Your-Own: Division - How To
Make- Your-Own: Exponents
Make- Your-Own: Fractions - Add Different Denominator
Make- Your-Own: Fractions - Dividing
Make- Your-Own: Fractions - Multiply
Make- Your-Own: Fractions - Subtract Different Denominator
Make- Your-Own: Fractions - Subtract Same Denominator
Make- Your-Own: Fractions to Decimals
Make- Your-Own: Fractions to Decimals (hard)
Make- Your-Own: Greater Than, Less Than
Make- Your-Own: Greatest Common Factor
Make- Your-Own: Integers - Add/Subtract
Make- Your-Own: Least Common Multiple
Make- Your-Own: Lines and Segments
Make- Your-Own: Metric - Length
Make- Your-Own: Metric - Liquid Volume
Make- Your-Own: Multiplication (easy)
Make- Your-Own: Multiplication with zeros
Make- Your-Own: Perimeter - Square & Rectangle
Make- Your-Own: Square & Root
Make- Your-Own: Standard Units - Liquid Volume
Make- Your-Own: Standard Units - Weight
Make- Your-Own: Subtraction - 3-digit regrouping
Make- Your-Own: Subtraction - regrouping (easy)

Language Arts Worksheets

Sentence Punctuation

Make-Your-Own Language Arts Worksheets

Make-Your-Own: Adjective
Make-Your-Own: Adverb
Make-Your-Own: Homophone
Make-Your-Own: Noun
Make-Your-Own: Preposition
Make-Your-Own: Pronoun
Make-Your-Own: Sentence Punctuation
Make-Your-Own: Sentences
Make-Your-Own: Verbs